Saying No to a Child

Refusing a child's demands

Disciplining a child is a parent's worst nightmare. And this difficult job does not even come with an instruction manual. No wonder increasingly parents are using words like "No" or Don't..." in managing their children. But are these really helful?

A simple No can be more harmful than you think..

Refusing a Child
Believe it or not a toddler hears No more than 400 times a day. This is a research by UCLA. thus by the time hey reach their teens, they become immune. In some extreme cases it may actually desentise him/her to this word. That may lead to an overall rebelion quality of counteracting every No. This may, in rare cases, lead to an anti-societal norms or an anti-rule attitude for life.

Use positive terms, words and body language

It is not always possible to fulfill your child's demands or fantasies. And neither should you always try. But when you deny him, try to use constructive words and phrases that will help him understand logically rather than a quick No. Pooja Bedi say " A Blanket No is never a good idea. Unless you tell them the reason for decline, they will never respect your No"

Children grow up thinking that the world is logical and there is an explanation. Thus as adults, they become constructive thinkers and socially forward moving.

Wish you all the best for becoming successful parents.


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